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Keeping America Safe

The Smart Investments Our Country Needs

No one deserves our commitment more than the people who dedicate their lives to our national security. Investing in our military goes well beyond safety and security – it’s about defending our most basic values as a country.

Watch U.S. Fly supports policy decisions that make smart investments in our national defense. By investing in cutting edge aerospace research and technology, we enable the American military to respond to the growing number of evolving threats we face around the globe.

Whether it’s important aircraft like the H-47 Chinook helicopter, the next-generation Advanced F-15EX, or other security systems – we need to ensure our military has the capability and technology they need to win on the battlefield.

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Building the U.S. Army’s Heavy-Lift Workhorse

The Legendary H-47 Chinook

Nearly 20,000 aerospace workers around the country support the U.S. Army’s H-47 Chinook helicopter. Its tandem-rotors enable the Chinook to handle the most challenging terrain, and fly higher, faster, and farther with more lift capability than any other Army helicopter.

This keeps American soldiers safe, enables them to respond immediately to escalating threats on the battlefield, and brings them home when their mission is accomplished.

Next-generation technologies including a digital cockpit, advanced air frame, and enhanced threat response systems delivers our soldiers the mobility, speed, and heavy-lift capability they need to win on the modern battlefield.

Future upgrades to the Chinook, known as Chinook Block II, will increase its heavy-lift capability by more than 1,500 pounds! That’s enough to move our troops in battle safely with the ammunition and equipment they need to defeat the enemy.

Watch U.S. Fly stands with our troops and American aerospace workers and will fight to continue delivering this heavy-lift Chinook helicopter to the U.S. Army.

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Defending Against a Nuclear Missile Attack

The U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System

As more countries race to develop nuclear weapons, America needs to ensure that its missile defense capabilities remain a top priority.

The Boeing-built Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system is the United States’ only operationally deployed missile defense program defends all of the U.S. homeland (including Alaska and Hawaii) against ballistic missile attacks. Successful tests of the system show the technology is truly remarkable — it’s like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

The GMD system detects, tracks, intercepts and destroys long-range missiles during their “midcourse” phase of flight (which occurs in space). Watch U.S. Fly supports continued efforts to maintain and advance this vital national defense system.

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Not Your Parent’s F-15

The Affordable, Ready Fighter

Protecting our nation against current and emerging threats requires a diverse aircraft fighter fleet. This is why the U.S. Air Force needs F-15EX today.

Complementing other aircraft, F-15EX is the only way to meet the U.S. Air Force’s critical capacity needs rapidly and affordably. The advanced fighter has more payload, speed and range than any fighter in its class providing pilots with unrivaled capabilities.

Delivered from an active production line that’s already up and running, using the F-15EX eliminates costly conversion and transition time, enabling pilots and mechanics to train in a matter of days as opposed to years. The end result is an unmatched aircraft for our Air Force pilots and massive savings to the U.S. taxpayer.

F-15EX is an investment the U.S. Air Force can benefit from today. Watch U.S. Fly stands with this fighter and the 100,000+ aerospace workers nationwide who support it.

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Always Alert, Always Ready

Our Nation’s ICBM System

ICBM Stands for “Intercontinental Ballistic Missile” and they are guided missiles that launch from the ground and can travel vast distances – sometimes more than 6,000 miles! Since 1962, America’s Minuteman ICBM system has stood watch, ready and alert, 24/7. It never takes a day off.

The Minuteman ICBM system plays an extremely important role in deterring threats from nuclear states and keeps Americans and our allies safe. The system is safe, secure and effective.

Watch U.S. Fly believes that developing a new ICBM weapon system to thwart evolving global threats is crucial for continued security. We should transform America’s ICBM systems from a Cold War-era arsenal to a simple but powerful force that can adapt to the complex security environment of the 21st century.

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A Responsibility We All Share

Supporting Our Military at Home

Watch U.S. Fly’s commitment to supporting our troops extends long after our veterans leave active duty. Their unique skillsets and experiences make them valuable additions to the civilian workforce, but we also understand that the military-to-civilian transition can be difficult and burdensome. This is why we are proud to share stories from aerospace companies, like Boeing, who have made a commitment to our veterans.

Beyond supporting our military with the tools and services they need on the frontlines, Boeing also offers veterans an array of personal and professional network support and skill transition opportunities. In fact, Boeing employees over 20,000 veterans – about 15% of their workforce.

This is a responsibility we all should share. Our veterans deserve it. Watch U.S. Fly advocates on behalf of our veterans and will occasionally highlight stories about veterans working in the U.S. aerospace sector.

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