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Boeing is building the most powerful rocket ever – the Space Launch System

The Starliner will be America’s only human rated reusable spacecraft.

70% of all GPS satellites launched have been Boeing satellites.

Innovating for the Future

Space plays an important role in our everyday lives, and that trend isn’t changing anytime soon. Everything from communications, scientific research, national security, weather reporting and how you find your way home with your phone depends on innovation and leadership in space. If America wants to lead in these areas, it needs to lead in space.

For more than 50 years, Boeing has designed and built world-class spacecraft including rockets, crewed spacecraft, satellites and interplanetary probes.

In the 1960s, Boeing was involved in the creation and assembly of the Saturn V, an American rocket used with the Apollo program. Thirteen of these rockets were successfully launched into space and the Saturn V is — to date — the only rocket to carry humans beyond low Earth orbit.

With a renewed focus on space exploration, Boeing will raise that bar and ensure America remains the leader in space exploration and innovation.

Through every space shuttle launch, technological advancement and satellite built, Boeing continues to open new doors beyond Earth.

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A 21st Century Space Capsule

The CST Starliner

Currently, America has no independent way to get humans to the International Space Station. Because of this, the U.S. has to rely on international partners for seats on their spacecraft when sending American astronauts into space. America needs its own system.

Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner will restore America’s independence in human spaceflight and free it from reliance on foreign governments. The Starliner will ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station and is a 21st century space capsule that can be reused as many as 10 times. It will replace the space shuttle as one of the primary ways Americans can reach space.

The space capsule will also lay the groundwork for commercial spaceflight, making American-led low-orbit space travel a real possibility.

Astronauts riding in a 21st century space capsule need 21st century gear. Boeing designed a new spacesuit specifically for the Starliner.

The award-winning spacesuit maximizes protection, comfort and capability for astronauts.

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Launching the Most Powerful Rocket Ever Built

The Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket

The Space Launch System (SLS) will be the most powerful rocket ever built. Through a partnership with NASA, Boeing will launch the SLS in 2019, officially marking a new era of deep space exploration.

The 2019 launch, known as Exploration Mission 1, will be the first critical test for human exploration of deep space – and the first step on the larger path to Mars.

The drive to explore is an essential element of human nature. It’s natural for humans to be curious about what lies beyond the horizon. Boeing is turning curiosity into action and forging a path to explore Mars.

With the SLS, Boeing is at the forefront of the modern-day space race.

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Connecting the World, from Space

Boeing’s all-electric satelite family

Boeing has a long history of keeping the world connected. Services like airplane Wi-Fi, air traffic control, satellite internet and secure military communications are all made possible by Boeing satellites.

Boeing began building Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites in the 1970s, and there are now more than 40 Boeing-built GPS satellites orbiting 12,000 miles above Earth.

With advancements in satellite technology, Boeing is building the next generation of satellites capable of bringing high-speed internet to every corner of the globe.

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