The International Space Station is Saving Lives from Space

Did you know the International Space Station serves as humanity’s only off-planet science lab? It provides scientists many unique research opportunities that can be beneficial here on Earth.

Right now, several private companies are using the International Space Station to do groundbreaking research and product development.

One of those companies is Merck. Known for their groundbreaking vaccines, cancer research and medicines – Merck’s Space Station research could lead to life-altering discoveries.

Using the Space Station, Merck is looking at space-based protein crystallization as a way to create highly concentrated monoclonal antibodies (MABs) – which would make it easier to transport, store and deliver the medicine to patients. MABs are used to treat a variety of ailments from arthritis to cancer.

Companies like Merck, who are pioneering space-based research, demonstrate why the Space Station is one of our most important scientific assets. What goes on up there, is important down here

Read more about the work Merck is doing aboard the International Space Station.

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