Work begins on the X-66A

A McDonnell Douglas MD-90 aircraft was recently flown to Palmdale, CA to be modified as a test Transonic Truss-Braced Wing (TTBW) plane for NASA’s X-66A project.

This ambitious endeavor is part of NASA’s Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project, with a primary goal of creating an aircraft that’s not only more fuel-efficient but can also reduce emissions. Ground and flight testing for this innovative project are expected to commence in 2028.

While the specific details of the MD-90 modifications are yet to be seen, the X-66A Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project is generating substantial excitement in the aerospace industry.

With this project’s groundbreaking potential, it’s a thrilling time for the aviation sector as it strives to make flying more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Stay tuned as NASA and other industry players continue to push the boundaries of innovation to create a greener future for air travel.

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