7 Reasons Why America Needs the KC-46 Tanker

America’s military pilots depend on our fleet of aerial refueling tankers. Aerial tankers refuel military aircraft mid-flight and allow pilots to combat America’s enemies far away from their home bases.

Boeing is prepared to deliver the next-generation KC-46 refueling tanker to the Air Force later this year and begin replacing America’s aging tanker fleet.

Here are the top 7 reasons why America needs an upgraded tanker fleet:

1. America’s tanker fleet hasn’t been updated in decades

America’s tanker fleet is more than 50 years old. Many of the current tankers refueling America’s military aircraft date back to President Eisenhower’s administration!

2. The KC-46 keeps American servicemen safe

The next-generation KC-46 has a state-of-the-art defensive system that keeps American troops safe, transports cargo, and evacuates wounded soldiers.

3. America’s pilots need increased range for dangerous combat missions

The KC-46 provides a longer range than the U.S. Air Force’s current refueling tankers. That extended range will help our pilots conduct security missions without running low on fuel.

4. Next-generation tankers can help America help the world

A new tanker fleet allows America to more effectively conduct humanitarian missions — saving lives all over the world.

5. The KC-46 is the most technologically advanced refueling tanker ever

Innovative technology makes the upgraded KC-46 the most sophisticated aerial refueling tanker ever. The next generation KC-46 uses space-age refueling normally deployed to dock spacecraft to the International Space Station. The digital refueling display employs 3-D imaging to guide equipment into place faster and safer than ever before.

6. The KC-46 is proudly made in America

American companies champion the KC-46 — more than 600 suppliers in 42 states are working to deliver the KC-46 to the U.S. Air Force.

7. Boeing’s new tanker fleet will provide jobs for American workers

The next-generation KC-46 provides jobs for more than 40,000 American workers building a tanker capable of refueling military aircraft all over the world.

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