This Rosie the Riveter is inspiring the next generation of STEM innovators

This real-life Rosie the Riveter is instilling the “we can do it” attitude to fight COVID-19 and support students interested in STEM.

Mae Krier worked on B-17 and B-29 planes during World War II and was the inspiration behind the famous “We Can Do It!” poster. In that same spirit, she is now making red and white polka-dot masks to help essential workers during the pandemic.

Recently, Krier was recognized by government and business leaders for her efforts during a virtual event with students from Pennsbury School District. Krier and her fellow Rosies may even become eligible for a Congressional Gold Medal soon, and one of Mae’s masks will be sent into space on the next Starliner orbital flight test.

Mae’s contributions to STEM will be felt for generations and it is inspiring to see this original Rosie Riveter support the next generation of innovators.

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