Boeing’s KC-46 Tanker is Changing the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force relies on refueling tankers to extend the operational range of its aircraft around the world. From humanitarian relief to security missions, America’s tanker fleet is the force multiplier that allows the U.S. to expand our operations abroad.

Boeing's KC-46 tanker has multiple game-changing capabilities

Boeing’s new KC-46 brings game-changing capabilities to America’s aging tanker fleet. With modern refueling systems capable of operating in any environment, to advanced threat detection systems that provide life-saving offensive capabilities, the KC-46 can refuel aircraft, transport cargo and passengers, and evacuate wounded soldiers.

And America’s veterans are building it, including Reggie Pelicieux. Before joining Boeing, Reggie served on Navy aircraft carriers and understands the vital role the next-generation KC-46 will play in expanding the range of America’s military aircraft.

Learn more about Reggie’s new mission – installing the electrical systems that will deploy the KC-46’s modern refueling boom – to get fuel to our military aircraft faster and safer.

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