V-22 Osprey Celebrates Three Decades of Transforming Military Aviation

During the thirty years since first flight, the V-22 Osprey has become one of the most in-demand aircraft in the U.S. Military.

Produced under a 50-50 strategic alliance with Bell Helicopter, the V-22 is designed to fly with the speed and duration of an airplane, and the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter. It is this unique combination of strengths that make the V-22 such a versatile aircraft across the United States Marine Corps and Air Force Special Operations Command, with the Navy variant coming soon.

America’s armed forces depend on the V-22 to conduct combat and humanitarian missions in the toughest environments — whether it’s search and rescue, hurricane relief, or the delivery of critical supplies by air.

The unique tiltrotor aircraft played a crucial role in military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait – logging an incredible 450,000 flight hours over the course of its career.

The Osprey has a long future ahead.

U.S. Services and allies look forward to the next 30 years of V-22s dominating the battlefield.

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