U.S. Navy Fires Boeing Harpoon Missile for First Time in 20 Years

My name is Jim Bryan and I served our country on U.S. Navy submarines for 20 years. I want to share something amazing that recently happened for the first time in more than two decades — the launch of a Harpoon cruise missile from a U.S. Navy submarine.

The Harpoon missile, fired from the USS Olympia fast-attack submarine (as well as a P-8 patrol aircraft), hit a target ship during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) international military exercise. The Harpoon is a reliable, accurate, all-weather anti-ship missile, and it makes a huge difference for American sailors defending the United States and our allies.

The return of the Harpoon to U.S. submarines following this successful test – as well as new technologies that make the Harpoon even more capable – are a big deal for the U.S. Navy and the many U.S. workers who play a role in supporting this important defense asset.

The latest Harpoon missiles, the GPS satellites that help guide them and the F/A-18 and P-8 aircraft that fire them are all built in the United States by Boeing. I’m proud to say that the different technologies and aircraft that make the Harpoon possible support thousands of good paying jobs in places like Missouri, Washington, California and many others.

It only takes minutes for the Harpoon to complete its mission, but it took years of hard work to design and build these advanced missiles. Americans all across our country continue to pour hours of effort and ingenuity into the Harpoon in order to make it the most successful anti-surface missile in the world.

In case you missed the historic missile launch, you can watch it again here.


Jim Bryan
Director of Cruise Missile Systems
The Boeing Company

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