U.S. Navy Fires Boeing Harpoon Missile for First Time in 20 Years

My name is Jim Bryan and I served our country on U.S. Navy submarines for 20 years. I want to share something amazing that recently happened for the first time in more than two decades — the launch of a Harpoon cruise missile from a U.S. Navy submarine.

The Harpoon missile, fired from the USS Olympia fast-attack submarine (as well as a P-8 patrol aircraft), hit a target ship during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) international military exercise. The Harpoon is a reliable, accurate, all-weather anti-ship missile, and it makes a huge difference for American sailors defending the United States and our allies.

The potential return of the Harpoon — the most successful anti-surface missile in the world – to the U.S. submarine fleet is a BIG deal for the U.S. Navy and our allies.

What makes the Harpoon the world’s most successful anti-surface missile?

The Harpoon — an all-weather, versatile and combat-proven missile — represents four decades of technological progress and is a testament to American innovation. The latest Harpoon, the Block II+, gives warfighters the ability to re-target the missile in flight to ensure mission success.

The 21st century battlefield is constantly changing — it’s our job to give our warfighters with the resources they need to protect themselves and our nation.

In case you missed the historic missile launch, you can watch it again here.


Jim Bryan
Director of Cruise Missile Systems
The Boeing Company

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