Tiny propulsion systems are making a big splash

Accion’s TILE system received a much-needed funding boost to make launching experimental nanosatellites possible in 2020.

Accion’s Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray propulsion system, known as TILE, aims to increase the lifespan and maneuverability of satellites. TILE uses electric fields to accelerate a non-toxic, ionic liquid propellant to produce thrust for small satellites.

Originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this innovation can provide safe propulsion options for smallsats with greater efficiency than other electric propulsion options.

This company’s postage stamp-sized propulsion system has received the attention of the likes of NASA to make this project a reality. This Series B round brings Accion’s total funding to date to $36 million, which includes $14 million in U.S. Department of Defense and NASA contracts.

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