Thousands of supporters stepped up for the CH-47 Chinook in a HUGE way

Thanks to your voice, and the voice of Watch U.S. Fly members like you, America’s workhorse helicopter will continue to protect Americans at home and abroad into the 2060s. The CH-47 Chinook helicopter recently received the necessary congressional funding that will allow the United States Army to continue building this iconic helicopter.

Thank you for supporting the Chinook

The Chinook is the Army’s primary heavy-lift helicopter that transports troops, ammunition, and equipment. Importantly, the Army doesn’t have an alternative aircraft that matches these capabilities. The Chinook remains a symbol of reliability and strength, ready to face the challenges of modern warfare and humanitarian missions alike.

America and our allies around the globe depend on the Chinook to deliver heavy lift capability wherever and whenever it’s needed. Thanks to your support, the Chinook will continue to carry out its critical missions for decades to come.

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