The Wave Glider is an Ocean Robot Set to Change the World

Liquid Robotics is determined to solve the planet’s problems using an unlikely tool — an ocean robot.

The advanced robotics firm just introduced its newest Wave Glider, a one-of-its-kind wave and solar-powered, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed to monitor and protect the world’s oceans.

The newest Wave Glider builds on the previous model, adding the following advancements to the ocean robot:

  • 6x increase in computing power
  • Higher power solar panels, combined with more power-efficient components, generate more power while consuming less
  • Enabling customers to deploy a vehicle in 1/3 the time previously possible
  • Next-level advancements in ruggedizing the platform for extreme sea states

The Wave Glider is set to change how we protect our oceans – whether predicting earthquakes and detecting tsunamis, monitoring fish and whale populations, or tracking submarines.

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