The Grey Wolf Arrives in Montana at Malmstrom AFB

The Air Force has introduced its newest helicopter, the MH-139 Grey Wolf, at Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base.

The Grey Wolf is a multi-mission aircraft that offers with a range of capabilities, including combat support, missile silo security, search and rescue, and VIP transport.


The Grey Wolf will be used to patrol the intercontinental ballistic missile fields at Malmstrom, F.E. Warren AFB, and Minot AFB, replacing the aging UH-1N Huey helicopters that have been in service since 1970. The Grey Wolf offers improved speed, range, and cargo capacity needed for modernization efforts taking place near America’s nuclear arsenal and assets.

The state-of-the-art helicopter’s adaptability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice to replace an aging fleet.

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