T-7A Red Hawk is already shaping up to be a success

The T-7A Red Hawk gives the U.S. Air Force a versatile, cutting-edge trainer jet that will evolve alongside the technologies and missions of the future while honoring the heroic Tuskegee Airmen Red Tail Squadron.

The Red Hawk will soon be ready to train the next generation of fighter pilots in the U.S. Air Force. With flight tests underway, the Red Hawk is reaching its development targets and could start rolling off the assembly floor as early as 2021. Over 350 training jets could be delivered to the U.S. Air Force by 2034.

“The various digital features of the plane and its commonality with other aircraft types would facilitate using the same aircraft as a naval trainer, an aggressor aircraft in exercises, a light attack plane or even a fighter,” said Loren Thompson, Senior Contributor at Forbes magazine.

The Red Hawk will set a new standard for combat effectiveness and situational awareness of our pilots.

Learn more about how the T-7A will change how American pilots train.

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