This Sci-Fi Tech is Now a Reality

This Boston-based startup company is specializing in some next-level futuristic space technology.

Accion Systems — whose stated mission is to “accelerate the exploration of space” — has developed a tiny (think the size of a postage stamp) new thruster capable of moving satellites around in space.

The stamp-sized thrusters use a non-toxic, ionic liquid propellant – and if that technology sounds familiar – it may be because ion propulsion has been popularized in science fiction books, TV shows and movies including the Star Trek series.

To help scale production of Accion’s new thruster and continue its innovative development, Boeing recently invested in the company through Boeing HorizonX Ventures – a division that seeks to assist the most promising and innovative aerospace startups.

Coming on the heels of their acquisition of Millennium Space Systems and investment in Bridge Sat. Inc., Boeing is continuing its commitment to building the most advanced satellites in the world.

Find out how Accion Systems and Boeing are turning science fiction into reality.

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