What If Your Next Vacation Was in Space?

What if, instead of the beach, your next vacation was in space?

Speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg detailed the company’s plans to take on the new frontier of travel: space.

"Today, we have the International Space Station. But in the future, we'll have space hotels and space manufacturing facilities." - Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

Developing a way to travel in low-Earth orbit — about 100 miles into the atmosphere — will decrease travel times to destinations around the world. Muilenburg says this kind of space travel will also open the market for destinations in space beyond the International Space Station, leading to the creation of space hotels and manufacturing facilities.

According to Muilenburg, it would only take about 20 hotels or manufacturing facilities to make space travel and tourism cost-effective.

“That will happen in my lifetime,” Muilenburg said.

From the International Space Station to the Space Launch System, Boeing continues to be a major player in the future of aerospace innovation.

Watch Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s full interview on the future of aerospace.

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