NASA’s Partnerships Push the Boundaries of Space Exploration

Smart partnerships not only provide a competitive edge, but can change the world. We’ve seen the success that can come from strategic pairings across the spectrum, from the U.S. joining with Allied nations during World War II, to cooperation between tech visionaries like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Today, there are unlimited opportunities for consequential partnerships in space, specifically for the Artemis program, centered around the powerful Space Launch System (SLS). But for them to succeed they must focus solely on the mission.

“NASA must choose its mission partners wisely. As it moves forward with Artemis, continuing to collaborate with proven, trusted entities will enhance the mission’s success and guarantee support, expertise, and systematic knowledge from the platform at Kennedy Space Center to Deep Space,” Jim Duffy, a nuclear physics PhD, wrote for RealClearScience.

There has never been a more exciting or meaningful moment in time for the American space program. Trusted partnerships on SLS and other NASA-led missions will enhance U.S. space, defense and national security priorities and ensure our country is the world leader in exploring the final frontier.

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