Millenium Space Systems’ Tiny Satellite Just Took A BIG Step

Late last year, a tiny satellite named the ALTAIR Pathfinder achieved a huge milestone and proved it has what it takes to succeed in space.

Operated by Millennium Space Systems (based in California), the ALTAIR Pathfinder satellite completed a technology-proving mission designed to increase the level of readiness for future small satellite platforms. The tiny satellite remained in orbit for 548 days and provided more than 13,000 hours of performance data.

The ALTAIR Pathfinder successfully tested a number of crucial subsystems — including radio, data handling, and flight control — during its long journey through space.

The mission might be over, but ALTAIR’s advanced avionics and software are currently being incorporated into a number of satellites for upcoming missions. Stay tuned — Watch U.S. Fly will keep you updated on how this AMAZING technology is being used to build the future of American spaceflight.

Find out how the ALTAIR Pathfinder is making big strides for small satellites.

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