Chinook Helicopters Will Save American Soldiers

The U.S. military keeps turning to the Chinook for search and rescue operations in Afghanistan.


Because the Chinook is the backbone of the military’s cross-service combat search and rescue (CSAR) team. CSAR teams conduct search and rescue missions and medical evacuations of military personnel in the most dangerous combat hotspots in the world.

The commander of the 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron summed up for The Drive why they use the U.S. Army’s Chinook for the most dangerous missions. “In this particular area of operations, in Bagram, … the Army Chinook is the best platform to conduct this mission,” U.S. Air Force Major Robert Wilson stated bluntly. “We need that aircraft [the CH-47F] to get to places we couldn’t reach before.”

Boeing’s cutting-edge rotorcraft uses impressive power, stability, and range to excel in difficult and complex missions in rugged and dangerous environments. In addition to its maneuverability, the large cabin inside the Chinook provides more space for medical staff to treat patients during an emergency evacuation.

Find out more about how the CH-47F Chinook is helping save American servicemen and women overseas.

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