Boeing T-7A Trainer Aircraft is the Right Choice for the U.S. Air Force

New U.S. Air Force pilots currently train on aircraft more than 50 years old. That’s why the Air Force started a competition to find a replacement.

The Air Force should choose the option that puts American workers first — Boeing T-7A.

George Landrith, the President of Frontiers of Freedom, argues that Boeing T-7A “is entirely modern and designed specifically for training the U.S. Air Force’s future pilots for generations to come.”

There are two other options the U.S. Air Force is considering — trainer jets from South Korea and Italy. Landrith describes the foreign options as “re-tread jet[s] hoping that yesteryear’s technology and design can be cleaned up and made to work for the future.” If the U.S. Air Force chooses one of the foreign trainer jets, American jobs will be put at risk.

Compared to the foreign trainers, Boeing T-7A is more than 90% built in America. 34 states will contribute significantly to building the T-7A and manufacturing will support 17,000 American jobs.

As Landrith points out, Boeing T-7A will be “built by Americans who fly the red, white, and blue stars and stripes from the rafters in their plants.”

Boeing T-7A is not only the best option for the U.S. Air Force — it’s the best option for America.

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