Boeing Partners With Service Dog Charity to Help Veterans

Many veterans face significant challenges when they return to civilian life. Studies have shown that working with service dogs results in lower levels of depression, less anxiety, and fewer visits to the hospital — along with countless other benefits.

That’s why Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) and Boeing are partnering to make sure veterans who need service dogs can find a four-legged best friend.

Boeing has been a proud sponsor of WCC since 2018 and recently gave the organization an additional surprise $75,000 grant to support its Mission Based Trauma Recovery Program (MBTR) — an initiative directed at helping veterans recover from PTSD and other combat-related mental health conditions by partnering them with service dogs.

WCC doesn’t just place service dogs with veterans — the Mission Based Trauma Recovery Program teaches veterans to train service dogs for fellow warfighters.

The grant brings Boeing’s total financial support of WCC to $175,000 over the past two years. It was announced at Boeing’s Arlington office — where Boeing employees were helping to socialize several future service dogs as part of Boeing’s partnership with WCC.

Watch our video to learn more about the initiative.

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