Boeing Offering a Prize to Anyone Who Can Build a Jetpack

Think you have what it takes to build a jetpack? Good news: Boeing is offering $2 million to anyone who can successfully create a functional jetpack or other personal flying device in the next two years.

Boeing is sponsoring the GoFly Prize to encourage aerospace inventors to put their skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to good use. The competition calls for a personal flying device that can transport a person at least 20 miles without recharging or refueling.

Boeing continues to be at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technology, while simultaneously making good on the promise to find new and exciting ways to encourage students to enter STEM fields. Contests like this are designed to inspire students, entrepreneurs and inventors of all kinds.

Participating teams will have access to advice and mentorship from some of the top names in aerospace and aviation. The competition will culminate in a final fly-off, where teams will debut their products — turning the impossible into an historical achievement. Stay tuned for more coverage from Watch U.S. Fly on this final fly-off in two years.

Learn more about the GoFly Prize or join the competition.

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