Boeing Makes Big Move by Acquiring Millennium Space Systems

Last month, Boeing made BIG news in the satellite manufacturing community.

Boeing acquired Millennium Space Systems, a company based out of California that specializes in small satellite development. Millennium Space Systems builds satellites that can be as small as a loaf of bread — but they are making an outsize impact on the world.

Why are these tiny satellites important to a company that is building the biggest rocket ever?

From tracking troop movements in realtime to providing broadband internet access to rural areas across the globe, Boeing and Millennium Space Systems are connecting the world and keeping our soldiers safe. Small satellites are also cheaper to make and launch than traditional satellites.

Millennium Space Systems CEO Stan Dubyn recently shared his excitement about the new partnership saying, “By combining [Boeing and Millennium Space Systems’] tools, talent, technologies and culture, we’ll be able to do even more incredible things as part of Boeing.”

Find out more about how Boeing is using small satellites to change how the world works.

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