The Boeing F-15: Undefeated in Air-to-Air Combat

Which fighter jet has a unique combination of elite maneuverability, advanced weapons systems, and is UNDEFEATED in air-to-air combat?

You guessed it… it’s the Boeing F-15.

The F-15 is one of America’s most famous fighter jets. Despite decades of dangerous aerial combat, the F-15 has an amazing record of 104 victories and 0 defeats.

The F-15 serves as the main air superiority and multirole fighter for the U.S. Air Force and boasts both advanced weapons systems and an impressive speed – capable of flying two and half times the speed of sound.

The proven (and undefeated) F-15 platform, flexible design variations and ability to be upgraded makes this fighter jet worth keeping an eye on. As the U.S. Air Force and America’s allies evaluate the needs of pilots in 21st century, the future of the F-15 is looking bright… Watch U.S. Fly will keep you updated on the world’s most successful fighter.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s next for the F-15.

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