Blue Angels Visit Boeing St. Louis factory

The Blue Angels surprised employees at the Boeing St. Louis F/A-18 factory last month by making a special visit to the plant.

While visiting the St. Louis factory, the pilots met face-to-face with the Boeing employees responsible for the production and maintenance of the F/A-18s.

Captain Eric Doyle, Blue Angel Flight Leader and Commanding Officer, said, “We’ve been flying these jets since we all grew up. We started in F/A 18s, and it’s really special to us to come back and see where they’re created, and where they’re maintained.”

The Boeing employees got the chance to tell their own stories about manufacturing the fighter jets to the pilots.

Commander Andre Web reflected on his experience, saying “That’s the cool part, to come back here and get to meet the employees who say they’ve been here for 30, 40, or 50 years, proud Americans working on the beautiful F/A 18s.

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