America’s Military Sees In The Dark With Help From Spectrolab

Thanks to Spectrolab, Chinook helicopters can see in the dark more easily than ever before.

Spectrolab develops solar cells and panels that power America’s space missions. The technology pioneered by Spectrolab for space is now making a name for itself in military use – especially their high-powered searchlights.

Helicopters like the H-47 Chinook use Spectrolab’s searchlights to navigate the most dangerous hot zones around the world. The world’s best pilots trust these lights when making high-risk landings.

Spectrolab just unveiled two new searchlights that meet rigorous military and government qualifications.

These lights went through the ringer.

Spectrolab tested them under vibration, rain, ice, hail, and every type of poor weather condition. Tony Mueller, president of Spectrolab, stated, “It’s the most extensive testing for rotorcraft search lights that we’ve done.” He added that the new lights received “good feedback from the Chinook pilots.”

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