Boeing and Aerion Seek To Deliver Supersonic Flight

Want to cut three hours off your next flight across the Atlantic?

We do. That’s why we are excited about Boeing’s recent partnership with Aerion.

Aerion is developing supersonic business jets that are designed to drastically cut travel time and change the way the world thinks about air travel. Boeing and Aerion are partnering to build the AS2, a business jet that will fly up to Mach 1.4 (around 1,000 miles an hour).

What about the sonic boom disrupting people on the ground?

Don’t worry — the AS2 will fly at Mach .95 when it travels over land. This means the AS2 will meet existing noise standards while getting you where you need to go faster than any business jet in the air today.

Why did Aerion partner with Boeing?

Boeing will support the AS2 by providing engineering, manufacturing, and flight-testing resources. According to business aviation analyst Rollie Vincent, “If you’re going to have a partner, there’s no one better than Boeing.”

What will the AS2 do for modern air travel?

The AS2 will fly up to 70% faster than current business jets and save travelers approximately 3 hours on flights across the Atlantic (while maintaining current environmental standards). This means if you travel to Europe for vacation on the AS2, you will get an extra six hours to enjoy your trip!

The possibilities of supersonic air travel are endless and the implications are enormous. We are excited to see what comes next.

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