Aerion Corp’s Supersonic Jet Gives Sneak Peek of Air Travel in 2023

Aerion Corp’s new jet can break the sound barrier — and will run entirely on biofuels.

Aerion is designing its groundbreaking, supersonic business jet, the AS2, to cruise at up to Mach 1.4 – nearly 1,000 miles per hour – and operate on jet fuels ranging from traditional, petroleum-based jet fuel to 100% sustainable biofuel. Current business and commercial jets are approved to operate on blended biofuel and regular jet kerosene. Aerion is taking its commitment to the environment to the next level.

The AS2’s GE engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) are designed with advanced seals fully compatible with operating in 100% biofuel. Running a biofuel-friendly engine will enable the AS2 to reduce total life cycle CO2 emissions by as much as 80% or more!

The AS2 flies up to 50% faster than today’s quickest conventional business jets and is slated to take flight for the first time in 2023.

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