Aerion and Boeing Plan To Make Supersonic Commercial Flight a Reality

Could traveling at the speed of sound become the new normal?

Aerion and Boeing have partnered to bring the AS2 business jet to the forefront of supersonic air travel.

The AS2 will run entirely on biofuels — reducing its CO2 emissions by at least 40% and tackling the most difficult environmental challenge facing supersonic jets. Additionally, the AS2 will fly just below Mach 1 when over land — meeting the subsonic noise standards that proved to be significant hurdles for previous supersonic jets.

Aerion chief executive Tom Vice says the supersonic passenger jet will be the launch point “for the future of regulatory-compliant and efficient supersonic flight.”

Will the AS2 be available for commercial flight?

The AS2 jet has its sights set on 2023 for test flights, but won’t be available for commercial use right away. As the technology behind the AS2 becomes more efficient, these supersonic jets will become a cost-effective, fast option for commercial flight.

What does supersonic flight mean for passengers?

It means traveling the world faster than ever before. The development of aircraft like the AS2 means that you will be able to fly from New York to London in under 3 hours.

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